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Introducing Wizards Lunchbox on Comcast SportsNet

If any of you see the Comcast SportsNet web site, you might see the two web programs they recently launched with SB Nation blogs Hogs Haven and Japers Rink called "Redskins Lunchbox" and "Capitals Lunchbox."  I'm excited to announce that we now have a Wizards equivalent called "Wizards Lunchbox," featuring us and Kyle Weidie from Truth About It.  The weekly show will be hosted by Brian Jackson and (sometimes) Ron Thompson and will discuss all the things that happened with the team during that week.  We'll also have more special features going forward, such as cool stats, silly videos and even some potential play-by-play breakdowns.

In our first episode, we discuss who is to blame for the team's slow start, whether John Wall's playing style is a problem and what should be the regular rotation, especially when Josh Howard comes back.  You can click here for Episode 1, or you can just watch the video.