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VIDEO: Sam Cassell plays Hamady Ndiaye in one-on-one match

A lot of random things happen in the hours leading up to a Wizards game.  One of the most amusing of those things is when Sam Cassell inevitably shoots around as if he is still a player.  This always happens after he warms up whoever needs to be warmed up for the game.  The whole thing keeps players loose and eases their nerves prior to game time.

Often times, Cassell does this with a short, spirited game of one-on-one with someone.  Andray Blatche is sometimes involved, but before the game against the Knicks, it was Hamady Ndiaye who took his turn trying to stop Cassell.  Did he succeed?  Lets go to the video.

I guess you could say that Cassell won the battle, but Ndiaye won the war.  Until next time, at least.