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Start the Campaign: JaVale McGee and Nick Young for the Dunk Contest!

We are past the season's quarter pole and with the Wiz in last place, I am looking the dunk contest!

The Wiz have at least 2 guys who would not only be good picks, but thanks to improved performance and playing time, are actually realistic possibilities this season. I would be beyond excited to see at least one of JaVale McGee and Nick Young representing the Wizards in this year's show.

JaVale has been throwing vicious stuff down all season and seems the obvious choice. My dream is to see him go against Dwight Howard for the title of best 7'+ dunker. My big holdup is that the dunk contest would reinforce some bad habits of being 'all icing and no cake.' You get the feeling that if JaVale got the invite, Flip and the Wiz brass would want him to decline. There is also the fact that I think JaVale may lack the creativity to match his astonishing athleticism. In the words of Nick Young, "He can jump, but I don't think he can do no moves."

And then, there is Young Sushi, he of the 40" vertical and champion of the very informal Wizards team competition earlier this year. Although Nick Young hasn't fully displayed his dunking talents in games this year, he has had a great season and it is generally known that he has the ability (if you haven't already, just wait until you see the 360 behind-the-back after the jump). I am less worried about the contest having a negative impact on Nick, as his biggest problem is not style over substance . I asked him last year about Wizards in the contest on DC Landing Strip and this quote is priceless,

"Man, I don't wanna hate on (JaVale) and be in competition. I just want a clear path for me to this dunk contest. Actually, I want us both to get in, cuz I think I can beat JaVale, I definitely think I can beat him, I'm positive."

Not only can he beat JaVale, but I think Nick has the skills to take the crown and would be my pick if I had to take one Wizard. John Wall could be a fun choice as well, but isn't realistic and you can't tell me he could compete with Nick. What do you think though? Is it too much to ask for both to get a shot?

You know what's coming next, JaVale and Nick dunk highlights after the jump. Feel free to post any other favorites in the comments.

The JaVale highlight reel. Lots of tomahawks and athleticism, but not too much variety. He might have something special for the contest though. I would want to see the Dwight Howard dunk redone on an 11' or higher basket and the foul line one.

Apologies for the video alignment, I had a hell of time getting them just to this point.

Yeah, he missed, but he could definitely throw this down in the contest:

Here is the Nick Young goodness. I am proud of this first clip as I pushed him to make a video to promote himself for the contest.

This is one of the best dunks I have ever seen:

Spread the word!