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Report: Orlando Magic Discussing Trade For Gilbert Arenas

Evan Dunlap is the webmaster of SB Nation's Orlando Magic blog Orlando Pinstriped Post.  He has credentials to cover the Magic and he is as much of an insider as anyone else covering that team.  So this report of his is absolutely legit.

Dunlap qutoes a source who says that the Magic and Wizards are discussing a trade to send Gilbert Arenas to Orlando ... and that's not all.

The Orlando Magic have engaged the Washington Wizards in an ongoing trade dialog centered around Wizards shooting guard Gilbert Arenas, Orlando Pinstriped Post has learned. What Orlando would send Washington in return for the three-time All-Star is less clear, but the proposed deal likely includes shooting guard Vince Carter, according to a source. Wizards big man Andray Blatche, Magic forward Rashard Lewis, and Magic center Daniel Orton could also be involved. Both teams have a mutual understanding of what the trade might include, the source says, and it's unclear what factor (or factors) are holding up the trade. What is clear around the league, however, is that Magic President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith has his eye on Arenas. If Orlando is to make a major trade this season, Arenas will likely be the target.    

I need to gather my thoughts on this one, but my first one is this: I really don't want Rashard Lewis.  I realize we're frustrated with the way Andray Blatche is playing, but Lewis is a jump-shooting "power" forward that doesn't rebound, is declining and makes over twice as much money as Blatche for one year less.  That part of the swap just isn't worth doing for a rebuilding team.

The rest ... I don't know yet.  Thoughts?