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Wizards top 76ers 116-115: Roll call and links

Another game, another awesome game thread guys.  900+ comments, with many different people talking back and forth.  Here's today's roll call, in order of appearance.

steadyhand, RVAparks, little stevie colter, rayallenisaballer, Sean Fagan, liljavale14, Tbonebullets, Bullet Nation in Exile, BM22, KSJ49, Dutch Hoopfan, rachel216, bigrm18, Gilbert4SpaceJam2, wjb1492, spotless, malharden, John Park Williams, imperialme, baltimorebullets80, PhenomenalSwag, Rook698-, el freako, fadizmo2435, Speedytosin, forthepeople, AppleDrank (great username), Young Wook Lee, pantslessyoda1, Ateneo, satchmore, Baltimore Warrior, bassguy4, Elvin_is_my_Elvis, Sils, tw10, CJ Hempfield, ronoD nagrO, Aldo, KurisuDevil, gbkdc, jdgreger, ChrisWhitneyFanClub, Marine4Life51, ThePGPhenomenon, edubz, UKAndrew, BlackEagle23, Alpha_Snail, terpsfan812, LAL32, zl, greatWALLofDC, eltacoman, Manimal Smith, MR, Mr MaLoR, lynxtheone, oVecKid, Icantfeelmyface, MenesCCIV, DaGribb, Krobify, Jheiser3, macattack777, WizardFan.

Thanks guys.  A bunch of links below the jump: