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Poll - How Important Is It To Beat Miami?

It is time for everyone to assemble. Sometimes there are momentous occasions that are so important in their size and scope that they can unite a fractured community against one common enemy. Tonight is one of those occasions. At the outset of the season, the idea of the Washington Wizards beating the Miami Heat was as reasonable as man walking on the moon. Well, we have put a man on the moon and I think the Wizards can beat the Heat tonight.

Even better, the Heat are ripe for the picking. Mike outlined in his piece for SBNation that the Heat have turned on themselves like the pack of savage overpaid egotists that they are. Coach Erik Spoelstra is on the hot seat because rather than sitting at the helm of an offensive juggernaut, he finds himself spending practice questioning the work ethic of his Prima Donna Stars. From Mike's piece:

The problem with Spoelstra, according to Broussard's sources, is that the players believe he is being too hard on them. In particular, the players feel he is being too hard on the team's stars. Broussard notes one incident where Spoelstra called out James' demeanor in a recent shootaround, telling the superstar that he doesn't know when he is actually taking his craft seriously.


So for tonight only I want the Flip Saunders lovers and the Flip Saunders haters to put down their pitchforks and catcall LeBron James together. I want those that defend Andray Blatche's defense and those that question his fitness to come together for one common goal. I want the Washington Wizards to beat the Miami Heat. I want the Wizards to be the team that sends the purported super team spinning off its axis and plunge it into the abyss, leading to bitter recriminations, trade rumors, and firings. I want Wizards fans to teach Miami that we don't need to "Fan Up" and that we are capable of following our team no matter what it's record might be at any given time.

I want to destroy the Miami Heat.

Now who is with me?