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Orlando Magic 100, Washington Wizards 99

You know what?  That result is okay.  The Wizards lost on a fluke play where Dwight Howard caught an air ball when everyone expected the ball to hit the rim.  Then, Gilbert Arenas had a decent look that he missed, line-driving it for some reason.  I consider this a moral victory.

Maybe I'm more annoyed about the poor first half if this team wasn't rebuilding.  But it is, and you expect lulls like that.  In the end, they went toe-to-toe with one of the East's best, without three players in the top eight of the rotation, and lost on a fluke'y air ball.  Arenas had a very good game, Nick Young got hot, and Alonzo Gee provided something. It was exciting, it was fun and it was still a good learning experience.  Make fun of that attitude all you want, but that's my feeling about tonight's loss.

More tomorrow.