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Happy Thanksgiving! Things to be thankful for as a Wizards fan

From me to you, I want to wish everyone here a happy Thanksgiving.  I consider BF to be a family of sorts, one that's open to any Wizards fan.  We have our longtime members, our crazy ones (before you ask, no, mae.jude isn't coming back) and all in between.  

But this is also a day for you all to be with your real families, so I encourage all of you to take some time before tonight's game to eat some turkey and get away from Wizards basketball.  We'll be back at 8 with tonight's game thread.

In the meantime, I wanted to throw out this question for discusssion.

On SB Nation D.C., Jake threw out a list of things D.C. sports fans should be thankful for.  Clearly, there are two things us Wizards fans should be thankful for: John Wall and Ted Leonsis.  But beyond that, what other things should we be thankful for as Wizards fans?  What other parts of this organization deserve appreciate today?