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Philadelphia 76ers at Washington Wizards: Regular Season Game

Sean and C.J. are live at the Verizon Center for this one and will fill everything else in. Last we know, John Wall is expected to play, but he was also officially a game-time decision this morning. Sean and CJ will fill you in.

Tonight is the one-year anniversary of Abe Pollin's death. Michael Lee talked to Abe's son Robert, and the team will honor Abe tonight.

Short clip of Alonzo Gee warming up. No word yet on if or how much he will play.

Flip's Pregame Update:

  • John Wall is still a GTD. If he plays he will come off the bench.
  • Yi Jianlian is still "a ways away." He couldn't even complete layup practice today.
  • No word on whether Alonzo Gee will play tonight. Evidently, it will be "all hands on deck."