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Poll - Is It Time To Audition Trevor Booker And Kevin Seraphin?

Over the course of the last two games it appears that Flip Saunders has been attempting to shorten his bench. One has seen much less time for both Hilton Armstrong and Nick Young as Saunders appears to have developed some degree of trust in Yi holding down the center position and giving the lion's share of minutes at small forward to Al Thornton. However, following Friday's loss to the Bobcats, Saunders was so incensed with the lack of rebounding effort that he promised to shake things up and bring in people capable of grabbing a board or two.

With that in mind, which way would you prefer Saunders and the Wizards to head? Would you rather he keep the short rotation and develop consistency and a sense of role? Or would you rather see our projects get a shot and see what they can do?