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NBA GMs: Wizards will improve and John Wall will win Rookie of the Year

Recently published the results of a survey in which all 30 NBA GMs were asked to respond to 60 questions.  According to, "General Managers were not permitted to vote for their own team or personnel."  It is also important to note that the results are based on the percentage of GMs that voted for a player and not the exact number of votes received.  Below are primarily some results that contain Wizards mentions.  H/T to Ted Leonsis who mentioned a few of these results on his blog.

Note: In the published survey results, which are linked below, mentions others "also receiving votes" which I am calling "Honorable Mention."  This is my term and not the's.

Season Predictions:

  • 74.1% of the GMs are selecting Miami to win the Southeast Division, while only 25.9% are selecting Orlando.
  • 70.4% of the GMs are selecting Miami to win the Eastern Conference. 18.5% believe that Boston will be the winner.
  • 63.0% of the GMs believe that the Los Angeles Lakers will beat Miami in the NBA finals.

Rookies / Internationals:

  • Who will win the Rookie of the Year? 67.9% of GMs believe that honor will go to John Wall.
  • Which rookie will be the best player in five years? 67.9% of the GMs selected John Wall.
  • Which rookie is the most athletic? 64.3% of the GMs believe that John Wall is the most athletic rookie.
  • Which rookie is most likely to be a "sleeper" success? Honorable mention, Trevor Booker.


  • Who is the best on-the-ball defender in the NBA? Honorable mention, Kirk Hinrich.

Offseason Moves:

  • What was the most underrated player acquisition? Honorable mention, John Wall.
  • Which team will be most improved in 2010/11? 14.3% of GMs thought that the Wizards (and Knicks) would have the second best improvement behind only Miami.


  • Which head coach makes the best in-game adjustments? Honorable mention, Flip Saunders.
  • Which head coach runs the best offense? Honorable mention, Flip Saunders.
  • Who is the best assistant coach in the NBA? Honorable mention, Randy Wittman.


  • Which player is most athletic? Honorable Mention, JaVale McGee and John Wall.
  • Which player is fastest with the ball? 10.7% of the GMs surveyed believe that John Wall and Rajon Rondo are tied, following only Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook. Honorable mention, Gilbert Arenas.
  • Which player does the most with the least? Honorable mention, Kirk Hinrich.