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Two more articles about Gilbert Arenas

I'm increasingly weary of commenting on every single article about Gilbert Arenas, so I'm just going to pass these two along for feedback.  I still strongly believe we're reading too much into what happened the other night, but I figure you all know that already.

Anyway, food for thought.

Michael Wilbon - Gilbert Arenas can be a productive player again - but not with the Washington Wizards

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Arenas hater. In fact, as a columnist I've found him to be completely engaging, often delightful even after losses or in difficult times. Last summer we stood in Nordstrom in Chicago and talked for an hour, about everything and nothing. It's too bad about the legal troubles and the various dramas because Arenas was once a top-10 player in the NBA and a guy who behaved quite neighborly. But that was then. It's come now to something that appears to be untenable.

I believe Arenas can be a productive player in the NBA again . . . just not here in Washington.

Gilbert Arenas' darkness needs to be addressed - Ball Don't Lie - NBA  - Yahoo! Sports

There is less here than meets the eye. Even if things are more serious than we've been led to believe.

If Gilbert Arenas(notes) is suffering with depression, than this is understandable. It is a valid concern in the wake of him essentially losing three years of his prime, being hit with felony charges earlier this year, and going from a hot-shot guard on one of his conference's better teams, to a curio on one of the league's worst teams.

But something needs to be done with Gilbert, and quickly. Because in his attempts to make himself less of the story, and a background figure, he's turning himself into the story, and putting himself out front and center. If his intentions are noble, fine, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But he's going at this completely the wrong way.