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Wizards-Magic game thread roll call

Last night's loss sucked, no doubt about it.  That said, I have to give some props to everyone for making last night one of the best game threads we've had in site history.  We got to 1,000 comments, which I don't think we've ever done in a game thread (though, to be fair, we've split some nights into two).  That was pretty awesome, and I'm hoping it was a great way for everyone to enjoy the game even more.

So I figured it's only fitting to put out a roll call after each game for all the people who were involved in the game thread.  A shoutout, if you will.  Without further ado, last night's roll call:

liljavale14, eltacoman, Evan Dunlap, rachel216, Aldo, ReboundingLs, spotless, Bullet Nation in Exile, Kend3zy, bassguy4, Sean Fagan, bigrm18, ThePGPhenomenon, returnofswagger, wjb1492, Ateneo, qthaballa, OleksiyPecherovsHomebow, UKAndrew, ATLredskin, little stevie colter, hotplate, hibachi, Craig_, Martyvburen, Alpha_Red, CNUwizkid, mr. 91, joshp, tw10, terpfan812, SkinsWizStangs, aholla30, CJHutch, John Park Williams, malharden, Unselds, Oldbuckwilder, pantslessyoda1, K-Bro, ronD nagrO, Icantfeelmyface, nhinfinba18414, CVC, forthepeople, Carlos returns, mbreslow, macattack777, ag3ntzero, George Templeton, gbkdc, Kend3zy, jeffco01, Baltimore Warrior, Elvin_is_my_Elvis, satchmore, Emmet O'Neal, bronco6778, Marine4Life51, BlackEagle23, Jake Whitacre, sierradave, MR.

Woosh.  Thanks, everyone.