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Gilbert Arenas will miss the first two games of the season

We finally know the status of Gilbert Arenas' tender right ankle, and it's not all that good.  Today after practice, Flip Saunders reportedly announced that he would miss the first two games of the regular season.  That means he's not out for both the Orlando game tomorrow, and the Atlanta game Saturday.  

According to CSN's Chris Miller, Arenas in a walking boot.  Via Miller's Twitter account.

Gilbert Arenas will not play thurs. Or Saturday. Gil is in a walking boot Wizards are calling it a strain tendon in ankle.    

I'm not a huge injury expert, but it seems like a walking boot is a bad sign.  I don't recall Arenas being in a walking boot all preseason, though maybe I'm not remembering this correctly.  Michael Lee says Arenas will see a doctor while on the road trip.

It's tempting to start with the conspiracy theories, but I'd recommend against them.  Arenas hasn't been healthy all preseason -- even his "fake" injury came just a week after sitting out a scrimmage and a lot of training camp.  He's probably just hurt.  Then again, he's hurt, and that's bad.