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Community Projection: Yi Jianlian

With the season starting Thursday, we're giving you all a chance to predict how every player on the roster will do this season.  Scroll down for more community projections.  

Yi Jianlian is coming off his best offseason in years, one where he displayed more toughness and confidence than any offseason ever before. The Wizards are hoping praise and comfort brings out the most in Yi, and they might be right. Yi certainly looked a lot better in the preseason than he has elsewhere.

But did he actually play much better?  Eh, yeah, but not significantly so.  He was a little more efficient and grabbed a few more rebounds, but nothing that'll blow you away.  Perhaps the biggest difference was his defense, which was much better than it was in the past, particularly in guarding pick and rolls.  Still, let's not pretend that Yi is a future budding star.  He's a rotation player, one that's anywhere from below average to decent.  

How will Yi perform this season? As always, predict as many or as few stats as you'd like.

  • Games played
  • Points per game
  • Rebounds per game
  • Minutes per game
  • Field goal percentage
  • Free-throw percentage
  • Three-point shooting percentage
  • True shooting percentage
  • Rebound percentage
  • Turnover ratio
  • Usage rate
  • PER

Bonus question: Will Yi play more minutes as a small-ball center alongside Andray Blatche, or as a backup power forward/small forward with JaVale McGee