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Community Projection: Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas needs no introduction.  If not for John Wall, Arenas would still be the face of the Wizards, and truthfully, many feel he still is.  The major question that every national pundit asks when thinking about the 2010-11 Wizards is whether Arenas can function with Wall.  Not "can Wall get the most out of Arenas," but rather "can Arenas stomach to share the court with Wall."  It's a paradigm shift that's understandable, but unfortunate.  

Then again, he didn't exactly answer a ton of questions with his preseason play.  He played well when healthy, but missed half the team's games with injuries real and fake.  He also raised some eyebrows with odd comments that are probably benign, but may not be.  Either way, if Arenas was hoping to get everyone to stop questioning him, he won't get any favors with his preseason.  

This means guessing Arenas' production is difficult.  Nevertheless, let's do it anyway.  Feel free to provide predictions to as many of these statistical categories as he wants.

  • Games played
  • Points per game
  • Assists per game
  • Minutes per game
  • Field goal percentage
  • Three-point percentage
  • Free-throw percentage
  • True shooting percentage
  • Turnover ratio
  • Usage rate
  • PER
Bonus question: will Arenas be wearing a Wizards uniform at the end of the season?  If not, what do you think will be his most likely destination?