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Endorsing Cartier Martin and Hamady N'Diaye for the last roster spot, and links

Back when newspapers mattered (okay, I'm exaggerating, they still do this), they used to endorse different candidates for different political offices.  We've never really done that here, because our endorsement comes from the community, not from the site editors.

That said, before we get into the links, I wanted to throw out an endorsement for who should make the Wizards' final roster.  The Wizards have three open spots, and it's possible they use them all because they can cut any of their final three guys in contention for those spots (Cartier Martin, Lester Hudson and Hamady N'Diaye) anytime before January and not have their contract count against the cap.  However, I'm guessing they'll only fill two of them in case they need to make an unbalanced trade or in case they want to add somebody.  

If they only fill two spots, let me formally advocate they fill them with Martin and N'Diaye.  

Why?  Martin seems pretty self-explanatory.  He's done everything the team has asked of him since he came into the fold late last season.  In the Summer League, he played hard, displaying a level of attentiveness most Summer League players don't show, and then he followed it up with an excellent preseason.  With the Wizards short on swingmen, he's an obvious fit.  

So that leaves N'Diaye and Hudson.  For the longest time, I would have said keep Hudson, especially with the new rules that allow you to assign cut players to your D-League affiliate.  But Hudson was pretty bad during the preseason, shooting too much, shooting poorly and turning the ball over.  With John Wall and two other combo guards on the roster already, I don't see a huge need for Hudson at the end of the bench.  N'Diaye, at least, is worth keeping around to retain his rights.  If he gets cut, goes down and tears it up in the D-League, then we run the risk of him going elsewhere.  I say you might as well keep him and sign an emergency point guard if you run into injuries on the perimeter.  That guy can replace Hudson's production pretty easily.

So that's my take.  What's yours?

Links below the jump.

  • So remember that secret project I mentioned a couple days ago.  It's something called "Voice On The Floor," a new audio magazine of sorts started by Matt Moore and Rob Mahoney of Hardwood Paroxysm ("NPR for the NBA" was how it was explained to me).  For their first issue, they talked to Michael Lee, Kyle Weidie and I about the Wizards' season last year, which they deemed "A Season In Ruins." Here's my part, and here's Lee's section.
  • Really great article by Joe Treutlein about whether Gilbert Arenas can return to form.  The best way is to stop shooting long two-point jumpers. [HoopData]
  • Richard Deitsch on John Wall, the new face of the Wizards. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Josh Howard is well ahead of schedule in his rehab, says Flip Saunders. Also, Gilbert Arenas practiced yesterday, so his groin appears to be healed. [Stouffer]
  • Another recap of yesterday's practice. [Truth About It]
  • Chris Mannix picks the Wizards to finish fourth in the Southeast. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Early extensions for Yi Jianlian and Al Thornton would been "discussed," but that's about as far as the Wizards will go. [Marc Stein]
  • Ric Bucher and Chris Broussard debate whether the Magic should trade for Arenas. Bucher says yes, Broussard says no. [ESPN Insider]
  • Mahoney believes the Wizards will be much better offensively this year. [Off the Dribble,]
  • John Schuhmann writes that the Wizards are "unpredictable" and a "fascinating study," even when you take Arenas out of the equation. []
  • The Wizards went to Morton's Steakhouse yesterday and made food for veterans in something called the "Salute to the Stars." [ recap and videoCSN Video]
  • Speaking of, this was a pretty cool first episode of Wizards magazine. []
  • On, CJ writes about who is in line to be the starting small forward. [CSN Washington]
  •  Andrew Sharp on Gilbert Arenas: " the fake-injury "scandal" last week was just another in a long line of weird Gilbert stories. If he was still a great player, we'd have applauded him for it. But as soon as he stopped being good on the court, he stopped being beloved in the court of public opinion." []
  • A really smart and funny preview by J.E. Skeets of The Basketball Jones. [TBJ]
  • Joseph White of the AP previews the Wizards, with a typical "newness vs. Gilbert Arenas" angle. [AP]
  • Michael Lee also took part in this podcast with Matt Moore on [NBA Facts and Rumors Podcast]
  • This is year 50 of the Wizards/Bullets franchise, so here's a look back at the worst shooters in franchise history. [Truth About It]
  • ESPN The Magazine has teamed with Marvel Comics for their NBA preview. Here's their art of John Wall. [SB Nation D.C.Truth About It]
  • Caron Butler is clearly still lusting after that new contract.  Prepare yourselves, Mavericks fans.  This didn't go over well last year. [Fanhouse]