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Guessing the final Washington Wizards roster and rotation

There's only one more preseason game to go before the Wizards must decide who makes their final roster, and as we hit the home stretch, I feel like I'm more confused than ever.  Part of this is injuries, real or fake.  Part of it is because people are working their way back from injuries they already suffered.  Part of it is because Flip Saunders has done what he could to give everyone a chance.  

Regardless, it's clear that the end result of Saunders basically declaring open competition on all roster and rotation spots is that ... those spots are still up for grabs.  Here's what I think we know.

  • John Wall will start at point guard.
  • Andray Blatche will start at power forward.
  • Yi Jianlian will be at least the top frontcourt reserve.
  • Gilbert Arenas, barring a miracle, will start at shooting guard.
Otherwise?  It's tough to tell.  You'd think JaVale McGee is good as the starting center after a good game against the Knicks, but Saunders has called him out a couple times this preseason.  Kirk Hinrich certainly fits in somewhere, but with Al Thornton struggling a bit (again, besides the Knicks game), will Hinrich really start?  Where does Nick Young fit in?  If Thornton does not start, where does he fit in?  Who makes the final two roster spots among the group of Lester Hudson, Cartier Martin, Adam Morrison and Sean Marks?  

These are all questions to consider.  With that in mind, I figured I'd throw this out there before tonight's final preseason game.

Predict the 14 players who will make the Wizards' roster, and assign them a spot in the rotation, keeping in mind that it's not exact.  In other words, beyond the starters, who will be the sixth man, seventh man, and so on?