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Transcript: Gilbert Arenas apologizes for lying about knee injury

Here's a transcription of today's GIlbert Arenas interview. I will have more later when I get back, as well as Flip's response.

The knee was not sore?

I was trying to be a good teammate. Y'know Nick wanted to play. Since we are guard loaded I thought I would take the day off and I lied to coach and told him my knee was sore so that Nick can play. 

How did coach take that?

Obviously, no one has taken it well...I was just trying to help out Nick. Get some playing time under his belt. I screwed up again, I just want to say sorry.

Was there a better way to do it?

In hindsight now I would say yes. I wasn't thinking this would be another media outburst.  Everything that I do now is someone tit for tat trying to blow it out of proportion. Y'now at the end of the day Nick is happy. He got to play, got to show that he can play. And I'm out here taking all the heat again.

If I wouldn't of made any comments, you guys wouldn't have known. Let's just say I blew it. It's like you guys want somebody honest but you don't want somebody honest. I screwed up again. I practice, I play hard.

Will you go back to not talking again?

It's alright, you guys gotta do your job. It's not right that that you guys are nitpicking everything I do. But you gotta a job to do, and I've gotta job to do.

More coming in a bit..