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Open thread: Non-Gilbert Arenas stuff, and links

I feel like we've talked about Gilbert Arenas so much on here that there hasn't been much space to talk about the preseason.  I'll admit that I've had trouble paying as close attention to the games as I'd like thus far, in part because they aren't on TV, but mostly because I'm just anxious for the actual season to start.  Still, there should be more space to talk about actual basketball stuff, and there hasn't been.  

So with that in mind, here's an open thread to discuss anything about the preseason that doesn't have to do with Gilbert Arenas' demeanor.  Some questions to guide the discussion:

  • John Wall's performance on Friday was a mixed bag.  He started really slowly, then came on late.  Which stretch do you place more weight on?  His slow start, or his better finish?
  • With the way Yi Jianlian is playing, how do you think the Wizards should use him this year?  How much weight can we honestly put in three good preseason games?
  • Even if Flip Saunders is merely experimenting with this three-guard starting lineup, is that wise?  
  • How healthy does Andray Blatche look?  
  • How concerned are you by JaVale McGee's play in the preseason?
Some links below the jump:

Michael Lee: Al Thornton uncertain of what role he'll be playing with the Wizards

Al seems to be wondering why he hasn't started any of the games.  Part of the problem is that he still hasn't really figured out what he's best at in this league.  When you have a lineup with as many high-usage guys as the Wizards have, you need to be a specialist.  Thornton still isn't a specialist, and that's hurting him.

There is Nothing to Editorialize About :-) " Teds Take

Ted's angry that so many people focused on the fact that he listed a name change back to Bullets as "under consideration" on his 101-task long to-do list.  Sorry, Ted.  In this town, the name-change thing is a hot-button issue, and it'll always overshadow all the other great things you're doing (and they are great things).

Michael Lee: The Wizards' Yi Jianlian races to elevate his game

Good profile here.

Truth About It " Talking About Practice

Flip Saunders apparently put his team through a grueling practice yesterday.

CSN Washington: Grunfeld The Master Of Second Chances

Chase Hughes accurately summarizes Ernie's tendency to look for guys whose value is at its lowest hoping to buy low.  The problem is you can get too aggressive doing this with too many people, and Grunfeld has been burned before by this.

Frank Hanrahan: Rebuilding With The Old Guard

Kind of interesting how both Ernie and Flip are presiding over this rebuild.