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Washington Wizards links for October 1

Today's links:

  • David Aldridge asks now that Gilbert is back, now what? Towards the end he asks an interesting question, will Wall and Arenas be the next Frazier and Monroe or Iverson and Stackhouse? [TBD.COM]
  • Michael Lee discusses Josh Howard's rehabilitation while his teammates battle for his open spot [WaPo]
  • J.A. Adande discusses Ted Leonsis' costly lesson. Free speech in the workplace often has a price attached. [ESPN True Hoop]
  • Craig Stouffer discusses who may fill the Wizards Small Forward spot as Josh Howard recovers [Washington Examiner]
  • Bullets legend, Earl Monroe, had his first trip to Wizards camp since 1979 [Wizards Insider]
  • George Panagakos details day three of Wizards training camp []
  • Washington Post Fan bloggers take different angles on Andray Blatche [here, here]