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Discussing long-term burning questions surrounding our own fandom

I know, I know, convoluted, confusing title.  Sorry about that.

But it's become clear (not surprising) that we've kind of beaten the same points on the Arenas/Crittenton incident over and over again.  Nothing wrong with that - nuanced discussion is good discussion, and this is an exceedingly complicated issue.  But I want to shift the conversation a little bit and have us talk about three somewhat unrelated questions burning through my mind.

  1. How does this incident affect your Wizards fandom?  Can you root for them the same way again?  Will you still unconditionally love them?  If not, how long will it take for them to win you back, and what would they have to do?
  2. Assuming you are here for the long haul, how do you try to convince yourself that things are going to be okay in the long/short run?  How have you done this in the past, when similar embarrassing moments happened?
  3. It's become pretty clear to me that Gilbert Arenas has played his last game here.  Assuming that's actually true, how are you going to remember the Gilbert Arenas era?  How should the era be remembered?  What memories, good or bad, stick out in your mind?
I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on these burning questions, because they've been bugging me for the last three days.