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Washington Wizards vs. Philadelphia 76ers: Regular Season Game 32 open thread

The Essentials:

Wizards (10-21) vs. 76ers (10-23)
7 p.m.
Wachovia Center
Radio: 106.7 The Fan

Notable 76ers numbers this season

24th in expected winning percentage (.361)
25th in pace (91.1 possessions per game)
16th in offensive efficiency/offensive rating (106.6)
28th in defensive efficiency/defensive rating (111)

Pre-game links

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Depressed Fan, a 76ers blog
Deep Sixer with Philadelphia Inquirer Beat Reporter Kate Fagan
Wizards Insider: Mike Miller out, Brendan Haywood questionable with illness
GameDay Philadelphia

Tonight's Projected Starters
Wizards vs. 76ers
Gilbert Arenas PG Allen Iverson
Caron Butler SG Lou Williams
Antawn Jamison SF Andre Iguodala
Andray Blatche PF Thaddeus Young
Fabricio Oberto C
Samuel Dalembert

UPDATE: Haywood's out.

The big news for tonight's game is that Mike Miller is still out and Brendan Haywood is under the weather and might sit. Here's what Flip Saunders said about Haywood, via the Wizards Insider post above:

"He just didn't feel good, kind of feeling 'blah' or whatever," Saunders said. "It wasn't a fever or anything thing. Maybe it was something he ate, maybe a 24-hour thing."

Very succinct, Flip. Very succinct.

In all seriousness, it'd be good to have Haywood in there tonight, though it should be noted that the 76ers go small most of the time with Samuel Dalembert, playing Elton Brand and Marreese Speights at center most of the time. What, Eddie Jordan-coached teams going small? Who knew?

As for the 76ers, here's what I wrote about them in the SB Nation power rankings article from earlier today.

Having watched Eddie Jordan-coached teams very closely for many years, I can tell you that January is always their month. The Wizards' records in January under Jordan: 11-4 in 2004/05, 9-6 in 2005/06, 10-5 in 2006/07 and 9-6 in 2007/08. It's the wonderful time of year after the players learn the kinks of the Princeton offense and before the rest of the league figures it out.

All this is a way of saying you should be prepared for a mini-resurgence from the 76ers this month. Wins over Portland and Denver, both on the road, are just the beginning.

Having watched them a bit recently, I sense it's happening. One of the keys is that Eddie finally has his small lineup of two small guards, two small, quick forwards and a small center. It's weird to say it, but Allen Iverson's been a godsend for them because he's been tough for people to match up with at the two. Thaddeus Young also looks way better as a power forward than a small forward, and Elton Brand's starting to play good ball in fewer minutes. They're still awful defensively, but I'd expect their offensive rating and their pace to rise in the coming weeks, which should lead to more wins.

As for the Wizards, with all the off-court drama happening, I want to see a win. At the very least, entertain me, Wizards. Pretty please? I know for sure they aren't winning in Cleveland tomorrow night, so this is our best chance to get a W.