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Thanks Everyone!

After three years of posts about gift ideasnegotiationssubslive blogsepic season previewssqueezing in a Volkswagen beetleLarry Brown rantsdiagramming the Flip Saunders' offensediagramming Eddie Jordan's offensepunching (or not punching) LeBron Jamessmall sample sizesrap songspodcastscoaching rants, and the occasional disagreement with John Hollinger, we finally reached the one million visits yesterday.

On behalf of Mike, Rook, Truth, and Bwoods I'd like to thank everyone who has checked out the site and chimed in, whether it was with a comment, e-mail, or a tweet.  You've made writing about this team fun, even when talking about the Wizards wasn't the most fun thing to do.  Hopefully we have been able to enhance your Wizards' fandom through coming here, because all of you have certainly enriched ours.