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No Your Links: Wizards Media Day

You've seen and heard what Mike had to say about yesterday's media day events.  But he certainly wasn't the only person covering Wizards' media day.  Here's a sampling of different perspectives from this year's festivities.

Truth About It " Arenas’ Three-Hour Retirement Contemplation, The Death of Pranks, and Less Three Jacking

He spoke about the emotional roller-coaster that he went through surrounding his knee. In January 2009, he got an x-ray on it before he going to Miami. The doctor told him he had swelling in his joint and that he might need yet another surgery. "That’s when I blew up," Arenas said. "For about three hours, I said I’d rather retire before I go through another surgery … at least I can save the team some money." But another doctor he saw in Miami told him to hold off on the surgery and instead, gave him a shot that seemed to clear everything up.

Wizards media day - Outlet - Washington Times

A surly Gilbert Arenas talked, although he had to be coaxed to do so, but said "if there wasn't a heavy fine coming, I probably wouldn't have done this." He was pretty tight-lipped, answered in short, stoic answers early on, but warmed up as the presser went on and talked for 29 minutes about his expectations for the season (just stay healthy and let the rest take care of itself), the offseason pickups (he likes them), the topic that never goes away of 'The pure point guard.' (his retort, before going on a 3-minute tear, "What is a pure point guard?").

Media Day Wrapup - Wizards Insider

Antawn Jamison looked and sounded happier than I've seen him in some time. Jamison made an interesting observation that only one member of the team -- Fabricio Oberto -- was in the playoffs last season, so this team is really fired up about winning again. He said last season was "an embarrassment" and spoke about how excited he was with the new veteran additions on the team, especially Oberto, who brings a strong physical presence on defense. Jamison said that he is "so hungry. You're going to see a different guy. I'm going hard. I'm so ready to go." | Washington, DC | Arenas: 'I'm Not The Entertainer Anymore'

Agent Zero had a lot to say about talking less. Gilbert Arenas arrived for the Washington Wizards' mandatory media day Monday declaring he doesn't want to be judged by his words anymore. Then he spoke for 30 minutes.

Gilbert Arenas Speaks During the Washington Wizards' Media Day, Claiming He Only Wants to Play - Washington Post

With all-stars Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler already in tow, and Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson back from serious injury, the Wizards were especially optimistic with training camp set to begin Tuesday at Virginia Commonwealth in Richmond. But no offseason move compares to the return of a healthy Arenas, whose injury problems kept the team in neutral until it regressed completely last season. Arenas wouldn't make any predictions about this season, but after the season finale in Boston last April, he told his teammates on the flight back to Washington, "As long as I'm healthy, it'll never happen again."

Washington Wizards Media Day  | Hoops Addict

When asked about the possible logjam at the shooting guard spot, Miller offered the media some perspective on that, and any adversity he may face this upcoming season. "If you [the media] were in my shoes, and you got beat up in this league the last few years, you’d forget all about that stuff, I just want a fun year..I wanna come in here and know every time we lace them up we have a pretty good chance of winning."

Wizards are trying to silence their doubters - Washington Times

DeShawn Stevenson and offseason acquisitions Mike Miller and Randy Foye will compete for the starting spot at shooting guard, but all three said they'll accept whomever Saunders chooses to start and do their part to contribute. "This is my 10th year in this league, and the main thing you want is to be on a winning team. A winning team keeps you in the league, gets you the contract," Stevenson said. "So, whatever we've gotta do to win, I'll do."

Truth About It " Andray Blatche Aims To Be Consistently Consistent

"Consistent" was Andray’s choice word of the day, repeating it several times, and mostly in reference to his jump shot. I found this to be a bit curious. In my evaluation of Blatche, I outlined how I’d rather him take less jumpers (or at least avoid ill-advised/forced ones). If he can hit them, great/splendid/wonderful. Everyone likes a big man who can spread the floor. I just would have been more comfortable had Andray mentioned rebounding and defense as priorities.

Up close with DeShawn Stevenson's fresh ink - Outlet - Washington Times
More photos of DeShawn Stevenson's stunning tattoos.

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Wizards Media Day Videos " Washington Wizards Blog

Washington D.C. Sports Talk Radio 106.7 Podcasts -

Mike Wise talked to Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, and DeShawn Stevenson yesterday, so if you're looking for something to listen to today, check those segments out.