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Bullets Take Their Spot as Worst Team in Franchise History After Decisive Sweep

After clinching the sweep, Arenas celebrated just the way you would expect him to celebrate.
After clinching the sweep, Arenas celebrated just the way you would expect him to celebrate.

[Note: This is the sixth in a series of simulated playoff series to determine the worst team in franchise history in the Bullets Forever Epic Failoff.  In our first match-up, the 5th seeded 93 Bullets lost to the 95 Bullets, sending them to the 2nd round and the 1967 Baltimore Bullets who advanced after losing in 7 games to the 1994 Bullets.  In the third match-up, the 2004 Wizards advanced to the second round after losing to the 2001 Wizards in 5 games.  The last quarterfinal featured the top seeded 2009 Wizards beating the 1992 Bullets in 5 games.

In the semi-finals the 1993 Washington Bullets fell in 7 games to the 1967 Baltimore Bullets and the 2004 Wizards lost in seven games to 1992 Bullets. Now, we're down to our two finalists for the worst team in franchise history: The 1993 Bullets and the 2004 Wizards. -Jake]

  • Game 1: Wizards 110, Bullets 98
  • Game 2: Wizards 114, Bullets 100
  • Game 3: Bullets 120, Wizards 124
  • Game 4: Bullets 110, Wizards 115

WASHINGTON - Gilbert Arenas holds many of Washington's franchise records including records for most points in a game and three pointers scored in a career.  Tonight, he ensured that he wouldn't add his name to the record books as part of the worst team in franchise history as the Wizards finished off a 4 game sweep of the Bullets 115-100.

A jubilant Arenas told the team after the game that he would be treating the team to chicken and shrimp after the game.  What kind of grill would Arenas use to prepare the dinner for his teammates?  A hibachi, of course.

The dynamic guard had a rough year in his first season in Washington, suffering through injuries that kept him from being the player he wanted to be this year.  "I know a lot of fans are probably mad at me right now," said Arenas before the start of the series "I know I've let a people down this year, but things are going to change next year, believe me."

Arenas started getting fans' hopes up with a magnificent performance in the Wizards' four game sweep, scoring at least 20 points in all four wins and 34 in critical Game 2 win on the road.  Larry Hughes and Jerry Stackhouse played their parts in the convincing sweep, each scoring in double-digits in all four games, but the spotlight shone brightest on number 0.

In the shadows lurked the Bullets, who now have to carry the title of being the worst team in the long, storied history of the franchise.  Tom Gugliotta, who guaranteed a series victory before game 1, sat in disbelief after a swift and decisive sweep sealed his team's fate. 

"I...I don't know what happened," said a stunned Gugliotta after the game.  "I thought for sure that they were going to lose because they had Kwame Brown on the team.  I mean, it only makes sense for Kwame Brown to be on the worst team in franchise history, right?  You journalists are supposed to know something about poetic justice.  Why didn't you make this happen?"  Bullets coach Wes Unseld said that he would explain the concept of poetic justice to Gugliotta during tomorrow's end-of-season meetings.

Kwame Brown, the target of most of Gugliotta's rant, had no comment on his diatribe.  However, he did say that he was happy to contribute in the series victory.  "It's times like this where I need to step up the most," said Brown, who has been fighting through a stomach virus throughout the playoff series.  Despite the intense stomach cramps and vomiting that came with the illness, Brown said he never considered sitting out, saying "I'll never quit on my team, especially in the middle of a playoff series."