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Pollin': Contract Renewal

In last week's poll, 31% of you voted that DeShawn Stevenson would be hurt the most by the loss of Eddie Jordan and leaving the Princeton offense. This week, we shift our attention from one defensive wing to another.

Dominic McGuire is entering a pivotal time in his NBA career. His contract runs up at the end of the year and he'll be entering a free agency class chock-full of dynamic talent. McGuire's athletic capabilities and defensive potential make him an interesting asset, especially to the Wizards, but it remains to be seen what role he'll play in Flip Saunders' rotation. Complicating the issue further is that the Wizards also have to deal with Brendan Haywood, Mike Miller and Randy Foye who will be looking for new contracts next summer as well. The case for whether or not to bring McGuire back after next season will be an interesting one, but there's another contract involving McGuire that needs to be addressed first.

Long-time readers of the site know that last year we bought the rights to advertise on Dominic McGuire's Basketball Reference page. Has it raked in money for us? Not really, but it's a fun way to show support for a guy that most everyone here at the site has been a fan of since his play in his first summer league. The year-long sponsorship for Taser's page expires on the 19th (this Saturday) and we have the option to extend the sponsorship for another year for the low, low price of $10. Should I go ahead and renew, or would you like to see that $10 invested elsewhere? The choice is yours.

(Oh, and I'm thinking about changing the tagline for the ad this year, so if you're in support of renewing, leave your suggestions for a new tagline in the comments.)