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Friday Poll: Minutes for Epic Vale and Bean Burrito

Nick Young & JaVale McGee of Washington Wizards Holdin' It Down @ Drew League (via Ballislifedotcom)

Last season, Nick Young (Bean Burrito) averaged 22.4 minutes per game, JaVale McGee (Epic Vale) 15.2. This season, things will be very, very different. The availability of time just won't be there, and hopefully the team will be much better for it.

Still, there 'should' be plenty of chances for these two kids to earn minutes. As you watch the video above from their work in the Drew Summer League in LA (which also tickled Bethlehem Shoals' fancy), contemplate how many minutes you think these two should "get as a couple" and respond accordingly below.

Is this a pointless poll? Why, pretty much yes.

Is it Friday? HECK YEA!!! Have a great weekend everyone.