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Gilbert Arenas plays at Barry Farms

We all know that quietly rehabbing without much intrigue or fanfare has never been Gilbert Arenas' style.  Last night, we saw another example of this truth, as Arenas surprised everyone by showing up to play at Barry Farms, the legendary D.C. public venue that Arenas once played at regularly.

He apparently performed really well, scoring 35 points on a series of dazzling drives to the basket, all without favoring the knee or even wearing a knee brace.  But don't take it from me, take it from our two local beat reporters, Michael Lee of the Post and Mike Jones of the Times. 

It'd be unfair for me to excerpt too much of their coverage, so go read their reports.  We're really lucky as Wizards fans to have two reporters who sacrificed a Friday night (journalists don't get too many breaks, folks) to go out to Southeast on short notice to document this watershed event.  I call it a watershed event because it's literally the first time Gilbert Arenas has played in front of many people since he went to Chicago.  Early returns are certainly promising.  

If any of you guys were there, I'd love to hear more about it.  Feel free to e-mail me pictures or anything. 

(My take on all of this: Excited to see that he looks good, hoping it's a one-time deal just to prove he's "back."  I don't want him to go too crazy on his knee like he did in 2007).