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Another opinion on Mike Miller

I got an e-mail today from a South Dakota resident who read this post on Mike Miller and wanted to throw in his two cents.  Miller grew up in South Dakota and this e-mailer said he has watched Miller play since high school, so he has a very good idea of what Miller was like throughout his career. 

The full e-mail is below the jump:

    From:    (redacted)
    Subject:     Your article on Mike Miller
    Date:     August 15, 2009 2:43:35 PM EDT
    To:     Mike Prada

Granted I'm probably prejudiced as are a couple of the people I talk basketball with at work, at former coach and a referee because we're from SD and have have watched Miller since he was in high school.  We didn't think Jefferson passed the ball back when he should have.  Jefferson generally threw one up there then went after the rebound.  Jefferson is a me first type of ball player.  We also didn't think the other players passed to him when he was open.  The Wolves were totally dysfunctional last year.  They will stink this year too in spite of the coaching change.
Yes I think we all wondered what the hell Miller was doing as the season wore on, but as you said he had to have wanted out of there.  He played with Tracy McGrady and Gashol (sic.) and didn't have any trouble scoring or getting his shots.  That was probably because of the coaching and the other players.  He did play for 3 pretty good coaches, Doc Rivers, Hubie Brown and Mike Fatello.
[name redacted]
Pierre, SD.