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Ellison's Double-Double Helps Bullets Win Decisive Game 7

Former first round draft pick Ellison dominated Kwame Brown, another former first round pick, all series long.
Former first round draft pick Ellison dominated Kwame Brown, another former first round pick, all series long.

[Note: This is the sixth in a series of simulated playoff series to determine the worst team in franchise history in the Bullets Forever Epic Failoff. In our first match-up, the 5th seeded 93 Bullets lost to the 95 Bullets, sending them to the 2nd round and the 1967 Baltimore Bullets who advanced after losing in 7 games to the 1994 Bullets. In the third match-up, the 2004 Wizards advanced to the second round after losing to the 2001 Wizards in 5 games. The last quarterfinal featured the top seeded 2009 Wizards beating the 1992 Bullets in 5 games.

In the first semifinal match-up the 1993 Washington Bullets fell in 7 games, sending them to the finals where they'll face the loser of today's match-up between the 2004 Wizards and the 1992 Bullets. -Jake]

WASHINGTON - "Never Nervous" Pervis Ellison certainly lived up to his nickname tonight.

It seems only fitting that in a year where he finally lived up to the expectations that came with being the first overall draft pick, that he also display the cool that helped him earn his nickname while at Louisville. With pressure mounting from all sides, Ellison put together a dominant performance, scoring 23 points on 11-16 shooting and grabbing a game-high 13 rebounds while holding his counterpart, Kwame Brown, to 10 points and 5 rebounds.

"This has just been such a great year for me," said Ellison after the game. "It's been such a fight since I came into the NBA, but it's nice to see that all of my efforts are starting to pay off. I can't wait to see my game improve and the team get better next year."

Ellison's performance will be the one that's most remembered from tonight, but he didn't do it by himself. Tom Hammonds led all scorers with 24 points and Michael Adams scored 14 points and came through with 10 rebounds. "I'm really proud of our team's performance tonight," said Bullets coach Wes Unseld after the game, "we'll be celebrating this one for a while."

Bullets guard Ledell Eackles said after the game that he planned on hosting a party at his house, complete with "cake, ice cream and roman candles."

There certainly won't be any celebrating in the Wizards' locker room, as they prepare to face the 1993 Bullets in the Epic Failoff FInals. Like Tom Gugliotta of the opposing team, Gilbert Arenas also vowed that they would not go down as the loser in the finals. "I will break my back to make sure that doesn't happen," said a perturbed Arenas after the game.