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Got something to say on Bullets Forever? Just pick up your phone.

Just wanted to throw out a little site reminder / FYI in case you didn't know ...

Earlier this month, Sports Blog Nation made a couple of key new features available on their network sites.

One, the ability to retweet a post, is fairly evident by those lime green 'retweet' boxes many of you have clearly been using. If you don't know what a 'tweet' is, then sorry, I really can't help you.

The second feature is the ability to now make comments on posts from your mobile phone/device.

So if you are on some sort of "break" at work, perhaps holed up in a stall somewhere doing your business, feel free to check out the site and comment away (just know that you don't have to tell us from where you are commenting -- and no, there's not some sort of IP address tracker that will tag your comment as coming from the basement bathroom in your mom's house).

And folks, as with anything mobile phone related, don't be stupid and use them while you're driving.