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Pre-Summer League open thread

We're almost up to one of my favorite times of the basketball calendar. A time where Jerryd Bayless can be the next Isiah Thomas, when Oleksiy Pecherov is actually hitting his three-pointers and when Greg Oden can commit 10 fouls in a game before fouling out.

That's right, we're talking about the Summer League. Summer League officially kicked off today, but the Wizards' first game isn't until Tuesday. Their full schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday vs. Cleveland at 6:30 ET
  • Wednesday vs. Denver at 10:30 ET
  • Friday vs. Minnesota (the return of O-Pec!) at 8 ET
  • July 18 vs. LA Clippers at 8:30 ET
  • July 19 vs. New York at 4 ET

You can find a list of the Wizards' roster, along with some background information on the team, here. There's also Jon L's excellent breakdown of the Wizards' roster for Ridiculous Upside here.

Anyway, I will be traveling to Las Vegas Sunday and staying to cover the first four games. If you're going too, drop me an e-mail so we can touch base.

Besides recapping the games with actual first-hand reporting and such, I'm planning on looking extensively at Nick Young and JaVale McGee. Both guys were players many of us wished got more minutes last year, but each is walking into potentially a very different situation next year, based on our roster. McGee's slated to possibly get more minutes due to the loss of Darius Songaila, while Young might be losing an opportunity because of the additions of Randy Foye and Mike Miller. I'm very curious to see how each of them is dealing with their different situations, what each has done in the offseason and what the team may think about their future with the Wizards.

(Plus, I'm also kind of curious to ask JaVale about his fledging music career).

Since I'm going for the community, though, I want to know what you guys particularly want to read about. Players you want to know more about. Answers to questions you've been wanting to ask management, the coaching staff or the players. Trends you'd like followed. Etc. I obviously can't guarantee I'll be able to address every storyline, but I'll do the best I can.