Wizards Summer League Team

Editor's Note: Confirmed on the Wizards official blog. I guess this confirms it: James Lang is our fifth big man! </sarcasm> -Mike

I'm not sure if this has been officially-officially announced yet, but in tracking down Summer League info for RU I came across a full list of the players on the Wizards' Summer League team. Remember James Lang? Also, NY was listed as a G/F for some reason. Sadly (for me anyway), no D-Leaguers who could've actually helped the team.

Alade Aminu 6'10" F, Georgia Tech
Ryan Ayers, 6'7" G/F, Notre Dame
Jimmy Baron, 6'3" G, Rhode Island
Javaris Crittenton, 6'5" G, Georgia Tech
Jon Edwards, 7'0" C, Kent State
Josh Heytvelt, 6'11" F/C, Gonzaga
James Lang, 6'10" C, Central Park HS
Dominic McGuire, 6'9" G/F, Fresno State
JaVale McGee, 7'0" C, Nevada-Reno
Tywain McKie, 6'2" G, Coppin State
Tyrese Rice, 6'0" G, Boston College
Jason Rich, 6'3" G, Florida State
Alex Ruoff, 6'6" G, West Virginia
Diamon Simpson, 6'7" F, St. Mary's
Kyle Spain, 6'5" F, San Diego State
Brandon Wallace, 6'9" F South Carolina
Nick Young, 6'6" G, Southern California

I've also heard that the Wizards are going to have a "mini-camp" for these guys for a few days before heading to Vegas, but I'm working on confirming that.

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