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Pollin': Digging Into the Past

The addition of Brent Price would make the Wizards immediate contenders.
The addition of Brent Price would make the Wizards immediate contenders.

Last week, Dominic McGuire won the vote for who needed a jump shot more by 3 votes. There was a lot of great discussion from both sides, both on the site and through the Twitter, and I'd like to thank everyone for their insights. I still think Crittenton could use a jump shot more than McGuire, but I can also see how he can still be effective if he models his game after Rajon Rondo, like some of you suggested.

This week we shift our focus from the current roster to the rosters of the past. Specifically, we want to know what player from the past you'd like to have on the team right now.

Someone like Wes Unseld jumps to mind immediately, since he would rebound, set picks, and throw outlet passes far better than anyone currently on the roster. Not to mention that it would be amazing to see that hair on a nightly basis. Elvin Hayes would give the team another 20-10 threat to put alongside Antawn Jamison. Could you imagine JaVale McGee and Gus Johnson playing alongside each other? How about Phil Chenier? He'd end any debate about who would be the starting 2 guard next season.

So anyway, there's quite a few options to go with here, and if there's someone missing who you think could really put the team over the top, voice it in the comments. Oh, and just so we're clear, you can't pick Gilbert Arenas as the player from Wizards' past that would help out this team the most.