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BF Draft Board: Pick #11

I know, I know, we could easily trade the pick, but with the Wizards getting the fifth pick and currently owning a high second-rounder, we need to fill out an official community draft board. Keep in mind, folks, that this is a Wizards-centric draft board, not necessarily a list of who you believe are the top prospects in the draft. This is in order of best fit to worst fit among the top prospects in this draft. Ability of course plays a role, but consider first and foremost how this player will fit with the Wizards.

I've been slacking a bit on these recently, so you all had longer to possibly skew the votes for the tenth spot on the BF Draft Board. Nevertheless, Brandon Jennings won the spot in a landslide, doubling the vote total of the second-place guy, Ty Lawson.

For more on Brandon Jennings, I highly recommend this post by The Painted Area. Their argument is that Jennings is being overlooked in a major way and his experience playing in Europe should count for far more than it does. It's a really good read, in part because it's the one thing I've read that's propped Jennings up, but also because it's well-written and well-argued. I don't think Jennings is a good fit here because of the presence of Gilbert Arenas, but it sure makes me wonder how guys like Jrue Holiday and Jonny Flynn are considered ahead of Jennings.

Anyway, here's our board:

  1. Blake Griffin (prospect profile)
  2. Ricky Rubio (prospect profile)
  3. Hasheem Thabeet (prospect profile)
  4. James Harden (prospect profile)
  5. Jordan Hill
  6. DeJuan Blair
  7. Tyreke Evans (prospect profile)
  8. Stephen Curry
  9. DeMar Derozan (prospect profile)
  10. Brandon Jennings

Here's the vote for the 11th spot. Remember, this is a draft board for the Wizards specifically. It's a ranking of how you think the prospects in this draft fit with the Wizards as they are currently constructed. If you were GM of the Wizards, having somehow traded down past the 10th pick, who would you pick if the previous 10 players were all off the board?