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Bullets Forever Poll: Ricky Rubio vs. "The Trade"

Yes, Wizards Insider as this exact same poll up right now ... and as of 3,486 votes, 56% think that the Wizards are better off with Mike Miller and Randy Foye over Spanish phenom, Ricky Rubio.

So, out of curiosity, and because the niche Bullets Forever community can be of a different nature in comparison to those who visit the WaPost's Wizards Insider ... (personally, I stopped reading the Wizards Insider comments long ago .... I occasionally skim, but it seems a fair percentage of said commenters resort to irrational attacks -- perhaps this has changed since the WaPost has required people to sign-in, I can't say. In comparison, I can always count on those who frequent BF to provide an intelligent, well thought out perspective. And although people don't always agree with each other ... that's just a fact of life ... discussions here on BF tend to swing much futher towards the end of reason on the pendulum).

In any case, I'm curious to see what YOU guys think.

Factor in a holistic view of whether, in their 'win now' mode AND considering the future possibilities, if you think the Wizards are better off with the assets acquired in the trade, versus keeping a draft pick which would have garnered Rubio.