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Twas the eve of draft night, and the Wizards were quiet...

I was going to write a little more about the ramifications of the trade tonight (Songaila fans were going to love what I was going to post), but with so much interesting discussion going on in the FanPosts already, I decided to wait until after draft day. 

As far as tomorrow goes, here's the deal.  Even though draft day has lost a lot of suspense for the Wizards, it's stil a big day.  I'm going to post an open thread for everyone to discuss Wizards and league-wide things tomorow morning, so any big news that happens or anything interesting you read should go in there, not in a separate FanShot.  Jake, Truth, Rook or I will update as need be on the main part of the post.  This is different than how things normally work on here, but with draft day being such a huge animal, I didn't want a zillion FanShots cluttering up the front page. 

At a certain point, if the thread reaches a certain number of comments, I'll start an overflow one.  I don't know if the pre-draft stuff will be necessary for that, but just throwing it out there.

Then, on draft night, we'll have two threads, one from 7-8:30 and then one from 8:30 onward.  The new thread will go up right at 8:30 thanks to the cool scheduled post thing SB Nation has (and you thought I actually wrote this morning's 6 a.m. post on the trade at 6 a.m.  Suckers). 

Unlike most days, pretty much everything goes in these threads.  Feel free to veer off topic as you wish with any random thoughts about what you're seeing. 

Sound good?  See you all tomorrow.