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Simple poll question about the shooting guard prospects in the draft

I think it's pretty well established that one weakness of the Wizards is the shooting guard position. Currently, we employ DeShawn Stevenson, a banged-up player who wasn't much better than average even when healthy, Nick Young, who still has to learn better how to incorporate his largely one-on-one game into a team setting, and Dominic McGuire, who showed flashes last year but still can't shoot and is not quite as good a one-on-one defender as his reputation.

One way to solve this problem is a trade, but there are three shooting guard prospects in the draft that could be available at #5. We've talked about all three -- James Harden, Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry -- but I've never really gotten the pulse of the community as far as which we'd prefer. I change my mind literally every day on which I like best. One day, it's Harden's all-around game that appeals to me. The next day, it's Evans' defensive potential and size that intrigues me. Then, on a third day, it's Curry's intangibles, shooting and playmaking skills that make me think he's the most NBA-ready right now of the three. If all three are sitting there at #5, I really don't know who I'd take.

So help me out, readers. Who's your choice of the three and why?