Haywood pick-up game results

I included the whole thing because I think you have to be a Scout member to access the link (my friend is, not me so I don't know) but I put the Haywood-specific stuff in bold.


A trusted inside source has provided us with the following pickup game report from today at the Smith Center. Enjoy ….


(# means starters)
(you got 1 point for getting fouled in the act of shooting)

WHITE - Current Team
#William Graves – 7 pts, 3 ast
#Tyler Zeller – 19 pts, 1 ast
#Marcus Ginyard – 11 pts, 1 ast
#Ed Davis – 18 pts
#Marc Campbell – 11 pts, 2 ast
Justin Watts – 0 pts
John Henson – 0 pts
Dexter Strickland – 1 pts, 1 ast
Leslie McDonald – 5 pts, 1 ast
David Wear – 0 pts
Travis Wear – 0 pts

Not in attendance (out of town): Deon Thompson, Larry Drew

BLUE - Alumni
#Raymond Felton – 7 pts, 5 ast
#Sean May – 20 pts, 1 ast
#Jawad Williams – 8 pts, 1 ast
#Shammond Williams – 7 pts, 5 ast
#Brendan Haywood – 27 pts
Jerry Stackhouse – 7 pts, 2 ast
Bobby Frasor – 5 pts, 2 ast
Michael Copeland – 0 pts
Byron Sanders – 2 pts
Jesse Holley – 2 pts, 1 ast
Dante Calabria – 6 pts, 2 ast

In attendance but did not play: George Lynch, Brian Reese, Michael Brooker, Quentin Thomas, Donald Williams, Jackie Manuel.

FINAL SCORE: Blue 91, White 73


* May drains a faceup three over Zeller
* Haywood goes right at Davis to dunk, draws the foul – comes right back at him on the next possession and scores
* Zeller scoring on four consecutive possessions: baseline jumper and lefty hook over May, then fast break layup followed by righty hook
* May spins through traffic to score then catches up to a fast break to block both Ginyard and then Davis from behind
* Graves skies for a left-handed block of Copeland
* Stackhouse drive and kickout to Frasor, who hits a three
* Ginyard outhustles everyone out to halfcourt for a long offensive rebound and turns to hit a three
* Shammond Williams sticks a three with Davis in his face
* Davis scores and draws the foul with his patented one-handed lefty half-hook
* Jawad Williams monster follow dunk off Holley miss on the break
* Felton hands off to a streaking May on the break for a dunk
* Davis goes high to intercept a Felton to Jawad W alley-oop seemingly at its peak
* Haywood takes post feed, turns and dunks over Davis and Zeller
* Graves drives the left baseline and dunks
* Zeller draws the charge on Jawad W on the break
* Strickland takes it strong to the hole and is fouled hard by Felton – Strickland exits game with bloody nose
* McDonald floats through the lane and banks in a runner, but May has position to draw the charge
* Davis backs down Stackhouse on consecutive possessions, scoring with his lefty move each time
* Frasor sneaks through the defense for the finger roll layup
* May bodies Zeller hard, but Zeller hits a deep lefty hook


* The first big pickup game for the freshmen is always a learning experience. Having arrived on campus only a few days ago ,they’re somewhat timid – not assertive like the rest of the guys out there – and are more about fitting in then making a splash. I’ve seen many big time freshmen not look themselves in their first big pickup game (Hansbrough struggling against Vasco Evtimov comes to mind). With that preface in mind, none of the five freshmen had a big game, plus they all were coming off the bench at the start of each half and so didn’t play heavy minutes.

* The only freshman that scored was McDonald, and he was by far the most assertive. He arrived late (didn’t play in the first half) but took five jumpers (quick looking release) and hit two of them and went to the hole a couple times.

* Strickland played the point when he was in and made a couple nice passes. In terms of looking to score, he missed a jumper and in his one drive to the rim, took a hard foul from Felton, resulting in a bloody nose and he was sidelined for the rest of the game.

* Henson didn’t get involved on offense and on defense he tried to block a few shots, but was unsuccessful. One play on defense left the biggest impression: May got out ahead on the break and Henson caught up with him as May took the pass and set himself under the hoop. Henson was clearly going to try to block it, but May put down his shoulder and this bulldozer move caught Henson by surprise and sent him back a few feet, leaving May alone for the easy layin.

* Don’t think the Wears recorded any stats, but it seemed like they weren’t in much at all.

* It was no surprise that the alumni team won this one. They not only had more talent, but the game had a ‘Men vs. Boys’ feel to it. Part of that was age and experience – and talent - but it was a size issue as well. Haywood had a huge game because no one could stop him. You think Davis is tall and long, but next to Haywood he looks like a little kid in all aspects. Haywood has at least three inches and a lot of weight on him and just looked like a monster in the post. Credit to Davis who still managed to get a lot done against other guys, but Haywood was just a tough matchup on both ends. One observed commented: "Haywood's like an aircraft carrier in there patrolling the lane."

* A bit more on Davis, who fared very well considering he was giving up inches and pounds to everyone out there, and yet scored a lot, going to the lefty move again and again. His best play, which I should have put in the highlights section, was when he missed a low post shot and bounced so quick back off the floor that he follow dunked his own shot while Stackhouse and May looked up.

* For those wondering about Ginyard’s physical condition, it’s impossible to really say if he was feeling pain or not, but he certainly played very hard and got up pretty high for some offensive rebounds and tip attempts. He took more perimeter shots than usual, but went hard to the hoop more than a handful of times (and had some trademark missed bunnies). In terms of whether or not he was notably “not himself physically,” that was not apparent at all.

* Was tough to accurately stat rebounds (I only did points and assists), but Zeller had a bunch and he was battling hard against bigger guys (such as May). He had a lot more fight in him in the post than a year ago on the boards, even if he did get outmuscled for some. His hook shots and short jumpers were accurate and he’s able to get them off very quickly.

* Shammond Williams and Haywood win the trash talk award. Haywood had a lot of words for Davis, while Williams both talked (and joked) and was physical – he didn’t let up at all on the younger guys. In one sequence he bulldozed Campbell along the sidelines, leaving the walk-on lying on his back dazed.

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