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BF Draft Board: Pick #10

I know, I know, we could easily trade the pick, but with the Wizards getting the fifth pick and currently owning a high second-rounder, we need to fill out an official community draft board. Keep in mind, folks, that this is a Wizards-centric draft board, not necessarily a list of who you believe are the top prospects in the draft. This is in order of best fit to worst fit among the top prospects in this draft. Ability of course plays a role, but consider first and foremost how this player will fit with the Wizards.

DeMar Derozan won the ninth spot on our board by a single vote. That's right. One vote over Brandon Jennings.

Here's our board as we stand:

  1. Blake Griffin (prospect profile)
  2. Ricky Rubio (prospect profile)
  3. Hasheem Thabeet (prospect profile)
  4. James Harden (prospect profile)
  5. Jordan Hill
  6. DeJuan Blair
  7. Tyreke Evans (prospect profile)
  8. Stephen Curry
  9. DeMar Derozan (prospect profile)

Here's the vote for the 10th spot. Polling closes tomorrow afternoon.