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Is the LeBron "star treatment" becoming too obvious?

I watched the Cavs latest mugging of the Hawks in Game 2 of their second round Playoff series.

First, I'd like to say that Cleveland is clearly the better team. Better talent. More poised. Better prepared, and looking like they're on a mission.

But......... the "star treatment" being given to LeBron James is getting almost comical. During the game, I counted 6 fouls on LeBron that were not called; including two charges, 3 hacks, and a bump. When King James "bumps" you, it's more like being hit by a Semi-Truck.


During this video, you should be able to clearly see 3 of the fouls I'm talking about. The charge against Josh Smith (that was called a blocking foul on Smith). One of LeBron's hacks; against Mike Bibby.. And lastly, the "bump" on Smith as he went for a dunk.

I cannot just brush these off as poor officiating.... or just one bad game. There is a very obvious difference in the way Officials call fouls against LeBron James, and for LeBron James. He is getting more than just "star" treatment. He's getting calls that Kobe, D-Wade and Dwight Howard are NOT.

This would normally be where most people turn off, and write this article off as just another "conspiracy theory" blogger with a LeBron hate complex. Sure, I hate to see LeBron getting those calls......But, I think it speaks more to me about something that Major League Baseball keeps alluding to: the integrity of the game.

If LeBron does not get called for the occasional 4-step travel.... or at least one of the 4 or 5 hacks he has each game - - - -  If he is allowed to get away with lowering his shoulder into the opponent's chest to be awarded a blocking foul every time - The National Basketball Association may as well start calling themselves the World Wide Federation (WWF) of Basketball and script the games.


Come on David (Stern), you're making it too obvious!