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Unsportsmanlike conduct. Number 23.

I won't make any bones about it... I'm not a LeBron James fan. Oh sure, he's the best and most talented player. He can take a mediocre team to the playoffs, and to the brink of the League Finals. From the time he was drafted out of High School, he has been crowned the "next" big thing in the NBA. The new face of the NBA. That has to come with a tremendous amount of pressure.

There may not be a more mature 24 year old in all of sports right now, but it sure didn't show last night. After his Cavaliers were bounced from the 2009 Playoffs, LeBron James had the opportunity to show some class. Show the kids watching, how LeBron James can lose like a champion. Instead LeBron looked every bit the spoiled, "entitled" dethroned King. He walked off the court, got dressed, put on his headphones, and got on the team bus.

He walked off the court without offering a single handshake of congratulations to any Magic players or Coaches. He left the court, without staying even a few seconds to congratulate "friend"  and fellow Olympian Dwight Howard. He couldn't be bothered to tell the opposing Coach "Good job, and good luck against L.A." It wasn't important enough to show up at the post-game interview; instead passing off that difficult task to teammate Mo Williams.

If this is the new face of the NBA, I'd rather watch Rugby. At least after the game, missing teeth and all, they line up and congratulate each other.