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This Year's Summer League Squad has the Potential to be Epic

I've got good news and I've got great news.

The good news is that Nick Young and JaVale McGee are participating in the Drew Summer League out in Los Angeles.  That means they're still honing their game in the off-season, which should pay dividends next year.  I can't speak toward the overall talent level of the league (although Amir Johnson, Bobby Brown, Dorell Wright and James Harden are all participating) but certainly playing some kind of organized basketball at this stage in their development is better than not playing at all.  

At least we can rest assured that Nick and JaVale are tearing up the competition as they should.  Nick poured in 35 points in his first game in the Drew Summer League and JaVale won Week 1 MVP honors with a 30 point, 12 rebound, six block performance.

The great news is that there are plenty of highlights of Nick and JaVale in this highlight reel from the first week of action.

(HT: doclinkin)

As long as there isn't some trade that eats into the team's young core, this year's summer team has the chance to be remembered for its highlight making ability.  When you add in Dominic McGuire (who's not a bad dunker himself) and Javaris Crittenton (who can be erratic, but throws a nice alley-oop), it gives you all the reasoning you need to check out this year's Summer League squad.  It'll be must see TV, in a squinting at a grainy web feed kind of way.

Oh yeah, and Gilbert hinted that he might try and play a little summer league ball this summer too.  If that doesn't get you excited about this July, I don't know what  will.