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Draft Prospect - Demar DeRozan

Draft Prospect - Dermar DeRozan

As part 6 of my assessments of the top draft prospects, I present my review of Dermar DeRozan of the USC Trojans.


Team: USC
Height / Wt:  6'7" / 207
Position: Shooting Guard / Small Forward
Age: Freshman, 20 Years Old

Before I start, I want to say that I did not intend to do a draft prospect review of all the draft prospects in the 1st Round, but my DVR and external Hard Drive are full of College games from this year, and it would be a shame to waste them.

Also, since the Wizards could move up, move down, or move out of the draft; I think a review of all the 1st round prospects would be prudent. I'll try to do an assessment every few days throughout the Summer. I've also included a new section at the end of the review to show whether I believe the player is a good fit for the Wizards or not.

As always, I look forward to the intelligent and insightful comments by the BulletsForever community.



Demar DeRozan


YouTube video of DeRozan against UCLA, March 14, 2009

Best Case: Vince Carter
Most Likely: Gerald Wallace
Worst Case: Desmond Mason

Athleticism                        10    
Leadership                         6    
Size for position                 8    
Jump shot                           8   
Footwork/Fundamentals  6   
Post skills                           7   
Ball Handling                     5    
Perimeter Defense           8    
Post Defense                     7    
Help Defense                    8   
Passing ability                   6      
Speed/Quickness             9    
Basketball IQ                     6
Intensity level                     6

Any profile of Demar DeRozan has to start with his athletic ability. The kid can flat out get UP. On one of his dunks in the UCLA game, his head was within a couple of inches of the rim. At 6'7", that means his vertical is close to 40 inches.
He's got very good size for a Shooting Guard, or average size for a Small Forward. He's he's extremely quick, both front to back, and laterally. That lateral quickness, along with his vertical and quick hands, helps him on the Defensive end.

Offensively, DeRozan is pretty pedestrian. If he's not dunking in transition, or shooting from mid-range, he doesn't bring much. He does have a nice stroke from mid-range (14-18 feet) getting very good elevation with a very nice touch and shooting mechanics; both on catch-and-shoot, and pulling up off the dribble. DeRozan tends to fade on longer shots. (We know another 6'7" athletic Shooting Guard from USC that fades on his jumper). He doesn't get to the Free Throw line much, and when he does, he's only shooting 64%. He doesn't seem to know what to do with a screen, or how to get spacing on a pick-and-roll play; and he's not especially efficient or productive (eFG% 53%). One of DeRozan's biggest weaknesses is his lack of range on his jump shot. He shot a dismal 17% from the College 3-point line.

DeRozan is a good offensive rebounder, and he finishes well around the rim; both are aided by his physical skills. He moves well without the ball, but don't ask him to make more than one or two dribbles, as his ball handling skills are poor. He prefers to go to his left. He is right hand dominant (I never saw him use his left). Preferring to go left, and using only his right hand makes him very predictable. Although he doesn't turn the ball over excessively, his assist to turn over ratio is terrible - speaking volumes about his passing abilities.

DeRozan seems to put out effort on the Defensive end of the floor; but he occasionally loses focus. His athleticism and very good lateral quickness helped bail him out in College; but in the NBA he'll need to work harder to stay in a good fundamental defensive stance. He tends to stand too tall, get off-balance, and allow his opponent an advantage. He also bites on pump fakes too readily.

Demar DeRozan is very definitely a work in progress. He really needs another two years in College to develop, but since he's clearly a lock to be drafted in the top 10, that won't happen. The team that drafts DeRozan will need to be very, very patient; but it may be worth the wait.

Tremendous athleticism
Size for position (SG)
Transition scoring-explosive finisher
Mid range game
Defensive effort
Offensive rebounding

Lack of Advanced Offensive moves
Cannot create his own shot
Defensive focus
Defensive fundamentals
Defensive rebounding
Not ready to contribute immediately
Footwork and fundamentals
Poor passer
Lack of 3-point range
Free Throw shooting
Intensity level
Upper body strength
Right hand dominant

Fit for the Wizards = 4        (1 being best fit, 5 being does not fit at all)

The Wizards don't need a shooting guard that can't shoot the NBA 3. They already have a couple of young, uber-athletic wings, and don't need another; especially since DeRozan doesn't bring anything special to the table.




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