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Trade scenarios, from Atlanta to Utah

This is intended to be a post listing what is potentially out there for every team.  Many of these scenarios will be described in more depth in future posts.  Some have already been described in depth.  I figure we should put all options on the table, though.

The way I see it, we have four enticing pieces beyond our two expiring contracts (Mike James for 6.4 million and Etan Thomas for 7.4 million).  In order of attractability, I'd say they are JaVale McGee, Andray Blatche, the fifth pick and Nick Young.  Javaris Crittenton and Oleksiy Pecherov are filler, in that order, and Dominic McGuire's probably a keeper, just because he fills a specific function on this team.  

I'm going to separate trade options into three tiers.  Tier one refers to superstars or borderline superstars, tier two refers to starter-quality guys and tier three refers to functional role players.  My feeling is that we'll need to surrender just one of our four major assets for a Tier three guy, two for a Tier two guy and three or more for a Tier one guy.  

Anyway, off we go!

Atlanta Hawks: 

Tier 1: Joe Johnson (15 million through 2010)

Notes: Joe Johnson is exactly the type of guard we need to play alongside Gilbert, in an ideal world.  He can create shots for himself and others and he's an outstanding ball-handler and passer for a two guard.  He can also shoot well and, in a complimentary role, defend.  I've made no qualms that Joe is phenomenally overrated, but that's because he's treated like a superstar when he's really a solid second or third option.  The Hawks overvalue him, but there's already ample sentiment among Hawks fans that a trade of Johnson might aid the growth of the rest of their team.

Potential offer: Etan Thomas, Andray Blatche, Nick Young, #5 pick and Darius Songaila for Joe Johnson and the #19 pick.

Boston Celtics

Tier 1: Ray Allen (20 million through 2010)

Notes: Nothing to see here

Charlotte Bobcats

Tier 2: Emeka Okafor (72 million through 2014), Gerald Wallace (39 million through 2013)

Tier 3: Boris Diaw (27 million through 2012), Raja Bell (5.5 million through 2010)

Notes: Wallace seems somewhat attainable for me in return for swapping picks.  Okafor would be nice, but I doubt they move him.  Diaw doesn't do much for me.

Potential offer: Mike James, Andray Blatche, Javaris Crittenton and #5 for Wallace and #12.    

Chicago Bulls

Tier 3: Kirk Hinrich (27.5 million through 2012), John Salmons (12.2 million through 2011, though he can opt-out after 2010)

Notes: You may be surprised to see Kirk and Salmons in Tier 3.  Let's look at their situations again.  Kirk is an average player who plays good defense, but he has a nasty contract and doesn't have much value to Chicago because he's a misfit with Derrick Rose and doesn't provide the necessary offense that Ben Gordon and Salmons do.  We don't need to surrender too many assets for Kirk Hinrich.  Salmons is pushing 30 and is coming off a career year he'll probably never be able to duplicate.  Again, let's not surrender too many assets for them.  

Potential offers: Etan Thomas, #5 and Javaris Crittenton for Hinrich and #26 James and #5 for Salmons and #16.

Cleveland Cavaliers 

There's nothing to see here, move along.  

Dallas Mavericks

Tier 2: Josh Howard (23 million through 2011, but the last year is a team option), Jason Terry (30 million through 2012, last year unguarateed)

Tier 3: Brandon Bass (free agent)

Notes: I like Howard, though he's not the best fit.  Terry's underrated, but probably too similar to Gilbert.  Bass would replace Blatche, but he's not being traded because he's a free agent.

Potential offerHoward and Antoine Wright for Etan, Blatche, Crittenton and #5.

Denver Nuggets

Tier 3: J.R. Smith (12.5 million through 2011), Linas Kleiza (free agent)

Notes: Smith would replace Young, while Kleiza would back up Caron Butler.  Not sure how either really helps us much.

Potential offer: James and #5 for Smith and Renaldo Balkman.

Detroit Pistons

Tier 2: Rip Hamilton (38 million through 2012), Tayshaun Prince (21 million through 2011)

Tier 3: Jason Maxiell (20 million through 2013)

Notes: We've run through these before, so no need to keep going.  It's also worth noting that there are reports that Detroit wants to deal their 15th pick to get even more cap room.  Innnteresting.  

Potential offers: Hamilton, Amir Johnson and #15 for Etan, Blatche, Young and DeShawn Stevenson.  Prince and #15 for Mike James, Nick Young, Oleksiy Pecherov and #5. 

Golden State Warriors

Tier 2: Stephen Jackson (40 million or so through 2013)

Tier 3: Jamal Crawford (19 million through 2011, though he has an opt-out clause this year), Kelenna Azubuike (6 million through 2011), Ronny Turiaf (12 million through 2012), Anthony Morrow (pennies)

Notes: Golden State is interesting, because there are a lot of Tier 3 guys in here.  We had a long discussion about Jackson in this thread.  It seems he's Joe Johnson-lite; similar game, but worse and more of a jacker.  The Tier 3 guys intrigue me.  

Potential offer: Jackson, Azubuike and #7 for Mike James, Andray Blatche, #5 and Javaris Crittenton.     

Houston Rockets

Tier 2: Shane Battier (14 million through 2011)

Tier 3: Carl Landry (6 million through 2011), Kyle Lowry (rookie deal through 2011), Chuck Hayes (4 million through 2011)

Notes: I like a lot of Houston's players, but they probably do too. 

Indiana Pacers

Tier 2: Mike Dunleavy (20.5 million through 2011)

Tier 3: Jeff Foster (12.5 million through 2011), Jarrett Jack (free agent/rookie contract)

Notes: Dunleavy fits the bill on offense, not on defense.  Foster is a solid reserve, but Indiana loves him.

Potential offer: Etan Thomas, Nick Young, Oleksiy Pecherov, Darius Songaila and #5 for Dunleavy, Foster and #13.

Los Angeles Clippers

I got no use for any of those guys

Los Angeles Lakers

The only guy I'd want is Trevor Ariza, and he's a free agent anyway.

Memphis Grizzlies

Forget it.

Miami Heat

Tier 3: Udonis Haslem (7.1 million through 2010)

Notes: I like Haslem's game, but I don't really like anyone else on the roster and I'm not giving up much to get Udonis.

Milwaukee Bucks

Tier 2: Richard Jefferson (29 million through 2011, but with an opt-out clause after 2010), Michael Redd (35 million through 2011), Ramon Sessions (free agent)

Notes: Michael Lee keeps floating Jefferson's name as an attainable target, but I'm not so sure he's the best fit.  He was dealt for crap last year, so I don't think it'd take much at all to get him.  Redd's in a similar position; too big a salary to be in Tier 1, not a great fit for us.  The best fit is Sessions, but he's a free agent.

Potential offer: Jefferson and #10 for Etan, DeShawn Stevenson, Nick Young and #5.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Tier 2: Mike Miller (10 million through 2010)

Tier 3: Ryan Gomes (18 million through 2012)

Notes: Miller and Gomes is a decent twosome to acquire, and I imagine the Timberwolves would be thrilled to deal both.  That said, giving up too much would not be smart, considering Miller could be a one-year player.

Potential offer: Miller, Gomes and #18 for Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila, Nick Young and #5. 

New Jersey Nets

Tier 1.5: Vince Carter (53 million through 2012, last year partially guaranteed), 

Notes: Carter's tough to qualify.  In terms of ability, he's better than Joe Johnson, but his contract, age and team situation (a club trying to dump salary) brings him down.  I really like Carter's game and I think he takes way too much slack for his "tanking" or whatnot, but this smells like a Mitch Richmond for Chris Webber scenario.  In fact, their numbers are very similar at age 32.  Richmond, of course, was 32 when we traded Chris Webber for him.  New Jersey obviously wants cap relief, but let's be careful what prospects we trade.  

Potential offer: Carter and #11 for Etan Thomas, Andray Blatche, Javaris Crittenton, DeShawn Stevenson and #5. 

New Orleans Hornets

Tier 3: Rasual Butler (4 million through 2010)

Tier 3.5: James Posey (19 million through 2012)

Notes: There's really nothing to see here.  Posey's old and we should not surrender anything of value for him.  We don't need Tyson Chandler or David West unless we dump Antawn Jamison.

New York Knicks

Tier 2: David Lee (free agent)

Tier 4: Larry Hughes, Jared Jeffries

Notes: Lee's free agent status makes a trade with the Knicks virtually impossible, unless you really think Hughes and Jeffries have any value whatsoever (they don't).

Oklahoma City Thunder

Tier 2.5: Jeff Green (rookie deal 2007)

Tier 3: Nick Collison (13 million through 2011), Thabo Sefolosha (rookie deal 2006), 

Notes: The only team where a trade-up is a viable option.  I'm taking JaVale McGee off the table here, though.

Potential offer: Mike James, Andray Blatche, Nick Young and #5 for Collison, #3, Sefolosha and Kyle Weaver. 

Orlando Magic

Nothing realistic here.

Philadelphia 76ers

Nothing really works here.  They aren't trading Andre Iguodala and we don't want Elton Brand unless it's to replace Antawn Jamison.  About the only thing I can think of doing is trying to pluck one of their youngsters away, like Marreese Speights or Louis Williams.  

Phoenix Suns

Tier 1: Amare Stoudamire (16 million through 2010).

Tier 2: Jason Richardson (25 million through 2011).

Tier 2.5: Leandro Barbosa (22 million through 2012)

Notes: Two good shooting guard options here.  Richardson is probably a better fit, but he's older than Barbosa and probably about as good.  Barbosa quietly had a great year this year (19.4 PER, 59% TS%), but I worry about his lack of point guard skills and the way the Phoenix system probably inflated his worth.  Still, he's just as much an option as J-Rich.

Potential offers: James, Nick Young and #5 for Barbosa, Jared Dudley and #14.  Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila, Nick Young and #5 for Richardson and #14.

Portland Trailblazers

Tier 2: Rudy Fernandez (pennies)

Tier 3: Travis Outlaw (unguranteed contract this year), Joel Pryzbilla (14 million through 2011)

Notes: Love Fernandez's game and feel like his dribbling skills are being wasted in Portland, where all he's doing is spotting up.  Not in love with anyone else on this team.  Also worried that the Blazers overvalue Fernandez, when you wonder where he fits in behind Brandon Roy.  Would they surrender Fernandez to move up to #5 and draft a point guard or power forward?  

Potential offer: Darius Songaila, Andray Blatche, Javaris Crittenton and #5 for Fernandez, Pryzbilla and #24.  It's very difficult finding something that can work between us and them, though.

Sacramento Kings

They've got some guys I like a bit (Francisco Garcia), but nobody I want badly.  Well, scratch that, I really want Kevin Martin, but Sacramento definitely won't trade him for the fifth pick.  

San Antonio Spurs

They aren't trading Manu Ginobili, so forget about it.

Toronto Raptors

Tier 1: Chris Bosh (16 million through 2010)

Notes: Toronto is Chris Bosh and a bunch of guys I don't want.  Bosh has the highest value of anyone on this list.  He's the only guy I'd trade McGee for and the only guy I'd consider giving up one of the Big 3 for.  

Potential offer: Bosh and Kris Humphries for Etan Thomas, JaVale McGee, Andray Blatche, DeShawn Stevenson and #5.  

Utah Jazz

Tier 2: Andrei Kirilenko (34 million through 2012), Ronnie Brewer (rookie contract 2006)

Notes: Utah's probably in too much flux right now with their free agents to deal with them.


What's the conclusion here?  There are options.  There are more than you'd think.  Ernie just has to keep plugging away and hope one of these will ultimately make sense.