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The Wizards can still get Rubio

As you can read here, the Wizards and Thunder have been talking about swaping picks - with JaVale McGee and the #5 pick going to OKC and the Wizards getting the #3 pick...


The Grizzlies, who pick #2 are strongly leaning towards Thabeet. Memphis has a very young team – their Owner really likes Thabeet…. He wants the team to be “tougher”…

With 7’3" Thabeet at Center and 7’2" Marc Gasol at PF, they’d be able to match up with ANYONE on the front line. And talk about tough... it would be tough (make that nearly impossible) to score inside on that duo.

FROM Chad Ford’s article on ESPN:

the Grizzlies are strongly leaning toward selecting Hasheem Thabeet at No. 2.

The reason?

Several sources told me that owner Michael Heisley loves Thabeet. He wants the team to be tougher defensively and thinks Thabeet would give it the shot-blocking and size it desperately needs.

I’m told that the rest of the Grizzlies’ front office is partial to Rubio, but as we’ve seen the past few years, Heisley runs the show in Memphis.


The Clippers have already declared they're taking Blake Griffin with the #1 pick.

If the Grizzlies pick Thabeet with the #2

And If the Wizards make the deal with OKC for the #3 pick - - - - - - - WOW