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BF Draft Board: Pick #4

I know, I know, we could easily trade the pick, but with the Wizards getting the fifth pick and currently owning a high second-rounder, we need to fill out an official community draft board. Keep in mind, folks, that this is a Wizards-centric draft board, not necessarily a list of who you believe are the top prospects in the draft. This is in order of best fit to worst fit among the top prospects in this draft. Ability of course plays a role, but consider first and foremost how this player will fit with the Wizards.

Hasheem Thabeet won the third spot on our draft board, so we move on to #4. I honestly don't remember who I voted for, but it wasn't Thabeet. I figure we already have JaVale McGee to develop as a center prospect behind Haywood, and while you can never have too many big men, it'd make more sense to sign a veteran to hold the backup spot until McGee is ready instead of drafting Thabeet.

It won't matter anyway, since Memphis is reportedly very interested in Thabeet and would take him over Ricky Rubio, but I still disagree with the consensus here.

Anyway, here's the vote for #4. Remember, this is a Wizards-centric draft board, not a listing of the top prospects for any team.