Warriors fan here, my condolences to not obtaining a higher pick. (Trade Scenerio)

First of all, I think the Wizards are a couple of role players and veterans away from being legitamate contenders in the Eastern Conference. That being said, on behalf of myself (Golden State Of Mind not yet consulted). I would like to propose a trade.

This all came to mind when I heard that your guys are shopping the pick, supposedly. Also due to the fact that I beleive you guys are a veteran away from being a top tier team in the NBA, which would leave me talking about the 5ht pick.

1) Arenas is one of the top players (not just PG's) in the league. He just needs to find out a way to stay healthy.

2) Caron Butler from what i've seen is the vocal leader of this team and some say is stuck between SG and SF. Stephen Jackson would be a great fit. He can pass the ball and play some PG to take burden off of Arenas. Great defender and is ALSO a vocal leader.

3) Depth is a major issue on this team and a prolific scorer coming off the bench would help A LOT. Corey Maggette would bring in some instant energy and scoring off the bench.

4) An extremely weak draft in the sense of talent. #5 wouldn't have that much of an impact on this team with potential 09-10 All-Star talent in Arenas, Butler, and maybe Jamison. We're talking about a BETTER 07 Playoff Warrior team.

PG: Arenas, James, Dixon

SG: Jackson, Young

SF: Butler, Maggette

PF: Jamison

C: Haywood, McGee, Thomas


It would be a step in the right direction as your 3 All-Stars are 3-4 years until they reach the end of their primes. Just look at the Celtics, traded young for veterans to eventually win a championship.

We, on the other hand, are a MESS, We need to find a direction. We go young and that's it.

The Trade Specifications:

WAS trade #5, Songalia, Stevenson, Blatche, Pecherov, and McGuire to GS for Jackson and Maggette.

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