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Lady Luck Giveth, and Lady Luck Taketh Away

Last night couldn't have gone any worse, but things could be worse.

Unlike the other teams in the lottery, our talent base is in place.  A Blake Griffin or a Ricky Rubio would've made things much, much nicer, but we're still in a good spot here.

Guys like Griffin and Rubio could've been real franchise changers, but the reality is that we locked into our franchise core last summer when the team re-upped Arenas and Jamison.  Having the chance to add a top-5 pick is just icing on the cake.  We can't be too upset now that we know that the icing is going to be quite as exquisite as we once hoped.  We're still getting a nice treat and we're still getting more than we deserve.

Things could be much, much worse:


  • No one in the Eastern Conference is drafting higher than we are.
  • No more debating about whether Butler will have to move to SG, or if Jamison will have to move to the bench.
  • You can't say the Wizards don't have options, both in terms of who they could potentially draft, as well as trade opportunities.  Now you can go back to using Trade Checker and feel less guilty about it!  Draft night certainly won't be boring.
  • At least we're not Sacramento fans.  (Sorry Tom)
  • At least you're not Blake Griffin.  Poor guy has to play for the Clippers now.